i really like high res files. It gives me a better idea how my drawing looks like up close. I don’t really notice it since i work on them for like 10+ hours

also wordpress has changed a lot since my hiatus. It kinda tries too hard to be tumblr-y, and I forget to set my categories now because it’s a drop down menu. I need to grow accustomed to it




sketches. I like drawing all kinds of hairstyles but I like drawing short hair girls because drawing it is quick and easy, and feels a little refreshing to me to me. But in reality I like the softness of long hair. But all girls are cute


I pretty much use this blog as an escapism from work and social media, and maybe from drawing too. I like to draw as a hobby, but I realized that I have so much in my hands that sometimes it’s important to just do it as work, and have another interest or hobby in hand. I mean I still like games, and occasionally watch anime from time, but still. I think it’s important to integrate my hobby as work too. Because if I draw for work, and I draw as a hobby, I’m not really exposed to a lot of things. Having more exposure will generate new and more fun ideas.

I’d like to write more here, like a diary or some sort. But I’m afraid if people know too much about my personal life, it’s kinda weird too. But I want to use it as some sort of reflection, too. I don’t have a site containing my professional work, besides tumblr. I kinda want to make use of that more.

I keep this place public to let my close friends know that I’m alive and still kicking.

And since I’ve been using twitter more, I’ve been just doing “instant” things, rather than self reflection. Self reflection is important too.


tried out the vector layer in clip. It’s super easy to make angular lines and easy to erase and delete lines.

Emi seems super excited though, I want to make calmer drawings