How can “moe” be an art?

sigh sorryy more art rant. v:

I never really got it when people say my art is “moe”. A lot of people reference moe as the generic shiny cute animu stuff that sucks or just plain boring stuff. In fact, I find “cute” more respectable than “moe” but I still find it offensive when some people say, “wow all she can do is draw cute shit and that’s it.” It’s not even about cute/moe. Some people can say, “Wow all [X] can draw is [Y].” Maybe it’s true in some cases, but I actually take into a lot of consideration whenever I draw.

In all honesty, I don’t really care what people say about how “moe” my art is because moe is just an opinion. Opinions are different from Facts. If people correct me for technical things like “I think you’re hands are a bit off, you should try improving that factor” then sure, I’ll work on it. I guess you can sort of say drawing “moe” or “cute” can be a style. I always found it a bit ignorant when people say “they can only draw cute shit” because they don’t think about the factors that are put in. They only focus on the subject, they don’t about the composition, the coloring, details, and shit. You see, I may draw a lot of girls that may seem cute to a lot of people but that’s not what I’m trying to aim for. Sure I draw a lot of girls, but I dont find them very fun to do if I remove all aspects of composition, coloring, depth, space, or some thing that. Basically drawing a lot of girls isn’t my interest in art, why the fuck would i be learning about art if i just draw girls all day without incorporating any form to them? Drawing would just be so bland if i just focused on cute shit all day.

And people say I should try drawing differently but how will that benefit me? And drawing “differently” is pretty vague itself. But whenever they say draw differently, i just assume try drawing a new style. But I believe practicing new aesthetics than practicing a new style benefits a lot more to an artist. Aesthetics are techniques, style is what basically defines how the artist draws as a whole. There is no such thing “good” or “bad” style. People get mixed up from style and techniques. What makes a good style “good” is that these artists know how to incorporate these aesthetics and techniques into their drawings. A “bad” style is just that they just lack the understanding of certain techniques. And what I really want to focus on is trying new aesthetics and techniques. A lot of people have their own ways of trying out new things, but this is how i learn.

That’s why i can appreciate animu, cartoons, realism, photography, film, or whatever because to me, they’re not much different. I may draw a lot of girls, but i find aesthetics from film and shit super cool and i try incorporating these aesthetics into my own art. Aesthetics come from different forms of art or style. But what I’m saying is, just because of an artist only draws dumb animu shit (if you think animu is shitty), or silly cartoons, it does NOT make them a bad artist. If they have a good understanding of techniques and aesthetics shit, then why complain? Their style is what they like to draw or what makes it comfortable for them.

I find that the best artists are actually artists who appreciate and open all kinds of forms and willing to try new things. Being stuck to one form of aesthetic interest will seriously make you a boring artist. And like i said, aesthetics comes from different art forms or style.

Maybe that’s just me.

I’m probably not making a lot of sense and people’s views are different. I will always consider myself a learning artist because i know so little about the world, and that’ll always inspire me to keep trying new things. People might not see it through my doodles, but i try whenever i do have time to finish an illustration. argh rant ;-;